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Fort Lauderdale Mold Removal And Reconstruction

Fort Lauderdale Mold Removal And Reconstruction

National Restoration Experts preforms Fort Lauderdale mold removal and reconstruction work.

It’s the type of situation no homeowner wants to be in. Cynthia F. made the decision to hire help with reconstruction and mold removal after a water leak in her home caused by water damage and mold in the living room, guest bedroom, guest bathroom, and hallway. A situation like this would require the need of a professional and experienced water restoration team and NRE was perfect for the job. This project would require extensive work to be done in order to return the property to its original state. Luckily, NRE was up to the task with our professional equipment and well trained team.

Project Solution:

Job Elements

The areas of the home that were affected by water damage would require complete dry out in order to prevent further growth of mold. This was done through the use of fans in order to completely remove moisture from the areas that water leak reached. Mold testing was also done in order to properly determine where mold was growing, so any mold found in the home could be discovered and removed. To deal with the areas of the home that were affected by mold damage, demolition and rebuilding had to occur in order to completely restore the property. 

Unique Challenges

Dealing with mold damage can be tough for a water restoration team because of the risks associated with continued exposure to mold. Mold growth leads to release of mold spores in the air and when inhaled these spores can cause allergic reactions and lead to various diseases. That’s why our team always wears the proper safety gear when dealing with mold removal jobs and we make sure the property is completely mold free after we leave, so there’s no chance of mold negatively affecting the residents of the house we worked on.

Project Results

As a result of the efforts of the NRE team, drywall and a baseboard was installed in the living room, flooring and drywall was replaced in the guest bedroom, drywall in the bathroom was installed along with the vanity, and the shower walls were retiled with fixtures installed. Through the efforts of NRE, the home was brought back to a state even better than the one it was in before the damage took place. Cynthia F. was now able to enjoy her home without the threat of mold growth diminishing the air quality. You can learn more by giving them a call at (754) 219-4660 or visiting their website at

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