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how to fix water damage in ceiling

Water Damage in the Ceiling? Here’s How to Fix It

Do you have water leaking from your ceiling? Burst water pipes or roof leaks may be the problem causing it. Neglecting to fix the leak could lead to severe damage and cost more to fix. 

That’s where restoration technicians can best step in to assist you. 

You should nonetheless make sure the damage is repaired correctly. The best way to ensure that the water damage in the ceiling is repaired correctly is to understand how it is done. In the following paragraphs, we explain how to repair water damage in the ceiling.

Locate and Stop the Leak

You should first locate the leak’s source once you notice damage to your ceiling. Once you have found the leak, plug it up to prevent further damage. However, you may or may not stop the leaking depending on what is causing it.

For example, it may be from a leaky roof, an issue with your chimney, or clogged gutters, which cause water to build up near your roofline. Also, look out for other signs of a leaking roof:

  •     Wet insulation in the attic
  •     The ceiling becomes wet when raining or after
  •     Brown water caused by water trailing dirt

If the first-floor ceiling has water damage, it may be from plumbing issues or burst pipes that cause water drips. Watch for some of the signs caused by plumbing complications, such as:

  •     The leak is constant and steady
  •     Weather events such as freezing temperatures or rainfall
  •     The water is clear (a lack of dirt indicates the leak is internal, not external)

Dry the Wet Ceiling

Once you stop the leak at its source, the next step for fixing water damage in the ceiling is to let the area dry as soon as possible. Drying the area will prevent molding and hopefully limit any further issues. 

Utilize a high-volume fan and a dehumidifier to dry out the area. Raise the fans if possible and aim them at the damaged area. Place the dehumidifier underneath the wet ceiling and make sure to change it when necessary. Know that it may take a full day to dry. 

In addition, use a moisture meter to ensure it has completely dried. You shouldn’t rely solely on your eyes or touch to determine the condition. 

Remove Damaged Ceiling 

Before you proceed to remove damaged ceiling materials once dried, you should put on safety goggles and a dust mask. Next, place a drop cloth on the floor to catch any ceiling debris. Then, proceed to remove any damaged areas.

Damaged drywall may crumble, but it is relatively easy to tear and remove altogether. If the damaged ceiling is only water-stained, you can cut out the area and replace it with a new piece of drywall. However, replacing the entire drywall panel is best if the damaged area is wider than 12 inches.  

Repair the Water-Damaged Ceiling

You can repair minor ceiling water damage without replacing the drywall or plaster. Depending on the severity of the damage, you can fix small cracks or gaps with drywall mud or plaster. If the gap is less than half an inch wide, fill it with putty and ensure it has a smooth finish. 

However, wider gaps should be filled and sanded to make them smooth. If you have to replace the drywall ceiling for more significant damages, check first to see how thick it is. Replacing drywall consists of cutting a new patch to fit the hole using a box cutter or drywall saw.

Once you have the piece you need, screw it into the joists. Tape around the joint and use mud to seal the gaps to make the ceiling smooth. 

For plaster, you need to replace the backing material or lathe. Then, apply the plaster in thin layers and dry in between. Keep adding layers until it matches the original opacity and texture.

Lastly, seal the new sections with a sealing primer. You may need at least two coats of primer before adding the topcoat. Using a sealer will help block water spots and stains. 

Even though learning how to fix water damage in the ceiling may be helpful, it is best to hire professionals to take care of the issue. Get in touch with your local restoration company to ensure no further damage occurs. 

National Restoration Experts Will Help You Repair Water Damage

The National Restoration Experts team provides water damage restoration and other services in South Florida. We are a certified contractor and have been in the business for over 17 years. We are committed to helping our clients restore their property back to its original state. Get help repairing your water damage by contacting National Restoration Experts at (754) 799-7635.

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