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Inspecting Your Home For Water Damage

In old homes, water damage is common but that doesn’t exempt new homes from this huge hazard. Regrettably, this hazard can cause serious structural damage if left unattended. Homeowners have had to spend thousands of dollars trying to reverse such situations. Learning how to detect water damage in the house could save you so much trouble.

Here are some easy-to-spot signs of water damage in your house that you should never ignore.

  1. Musty Odors: Most places where water leaks happen will always produce unusual smells. You can attribute these musty smells to dirty water and mold. You will need to perform a thorough inspection of your house to catch these unusual smells. The bathrooms, kitchen, and garage are normally the number one culprits in most cases. Always trust your sense of smell when it tells you something is off in any of these rooms.
  2. Sounds of Dripping or Running Water: Sometimes you may not see the leaking pipe, but you can tell that it is leaking water by listening to sounds. As long as you can hear the sound of dripping or running water, it is clear that one of the pipes has a water leak.
  3. Pooling Water: A leaking water pipe or blocked sewer pipe can produce enough water to create a puddle. The puddle can appear inside or right outside your home, depending on the leak’s location. If you notice any unexplained pools of water in your home, there is a likelihood that you have a water damage problem.
  4. Mold: Mold is yet another sign of water damage in your home. You see, mold thrives anywhere moisture and oxygen are present. With that in mind, you need to check what could be causing the mold problem. It could either be a water leak or humidity issues. If it turns out to be a water leak, you have to hire water damage restoration services.
  5. Water Stains on Walls and Ceilings: If you begin to notice stains forming around certain sections of your walls or ceiling, there is a high chance you have a roof leak. Any water that will infiltrate your roof will leave brownish, dark, or yellow stains on your ceiling. If the water damage continues, the stains will also extend to the interior or exterior walls. So, watch out for any discoloration around the ceiling or walls.
  6. Flaky or Bubbly Paint: Flaky, cracking, or bubbly paint are common signs of water damage in walls. The presence of water inside the wall will have your paint cracking and peeling on its own. This could mean that there is a leaking pipe behind the wall.

Places to Check for Water Damage in Your Home

Now that you know the signs of water damage, here are the places you should focus on.

  • Near the Washing Machine: Washing machines have valves fitted in the walls. Unfortunately, these valves can cause water damage if they start leaking. Always check behind the washing machine in case there are any leaks.
  • Ceiling: The ceiling can give you an idea of whether there are leaks on your roof. Any unusual discoloration around this area should tell you that there is a leakage on your roof.
  • Under the Sink: Every household has to use the kitchen or bathroom sink a couple of times a day. Unfortunately, the drain pipes that direct water out can clog and start leaking water.
  • Roof: Your roof is always vulnerable to water damage after heavy rainfall and storms. As such, you need to have your roof inspected for damage after a storm. Always check for missing shingles, sagging spots, and damaged flashing, as they can leave your roof vulnerable to leaks.

Other areas you need to check for water damage include:

  • Behind drywall
  • Windows
  • Sidings
  • Near air conditioners
  • Bathroom
  • Beneath dishwasher

What to Do

If you notice any water damage in your house, don’t hesitate to call for restoration services via (754) 219-4660. National Restoration Experts is a professional water damage restoration company and will take care of all the damaged areas in your home. We serve the areas surrounding Pompano Beach in Florida. Contact National Restoration Experts today.

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