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Can Hurricanes be the Cause of House Fires in Pompano Beach, FL?

If you are a homeowner in Lake Worth, FL, you are most likely used to storms during the hurricane season.  While much of the focus is on preventing water entry, there is a greater risk which you should protect yourself against, and that is fire. Most people wonder if hurricanes can cause house fires. And now, research shows that the answer is: Yes!  It is important to get the know-how on the connection between hurricanes and house fires to protect your property against fire damage during floods. You should also learn more about preventive measures and how a water and fire damage contractor can help.

Here are some important points to help you protect your home in the area – especially now that the hurricane season is around the corner.

Candles Are The Cause Of Many House Fires during Hurricanes 

When the power goes out during a storm, many homeowners resort to candles if they have no backup generators. Candles are more affordable but also very risky. The National Fire Protection Association and U.S. fire departments say candles cause 3% of house fires. To avoid this, use candles in sturdy holders and keep them away from kids and flammable materials.

Electrical Faults After Floods 

While the restoration of power is a great reprieve to homeowners, it can also cause misery if heat-generating appliances that were in use before the power cut, are still in the power supply. Stoves, hair dryers, and irons are some of the dangerous appliances which can cause fires after a hurricane if left unattended. To prevent this, turn off the main breaker when going out if the power is not yet back.

Replace/Repair Submerged Electrical Appliances 

Don’t take chances with submerged electrical appliances! Instead, avoid using them before a water damage restoration expert takes a good look at them. Some will be salvageable, but others may require replacement to avoid electrical faults.

Professional Inspection 

You need to call in an experienced Florida restoration company in Pompano Beach, FL, to carry out inspections, both inside and outside the house to ensure all electrical systems are in perfect working order. Such inspections include checking the wiring around flooded areas to prevent fires.

Your home in Pompano Beach, FL, is a great investment and requires the best protection. By working with our fire and water damage restoration team at National Restoration Experts, you will find the top experts to help protect your home against any fire damage during the hurricane season. For more information, contact us today.

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