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#1 Fire Damage Services Process

You may think your biggest nightmare is when a fire breaks out. But the real nightmare lies in trying to find the best fire damage services in Pompano Beach, Florida, and ensuring that the restoration process is carried out correctly.

After the emergency sirens have died down, the fire trucks have left, and you’ve finally accepted that your home, or part of it, has burned down, the real work begins. The fire damage restoration process must start immediately.

The Home Owners Role in Water & Fire Damage Restoration

As the homeowner or tenant, you are probably going to be in a state of panic and stress. It is important that you do not enter the property unless the fire fighters have said it is absolutely safe to do so. You shouldn’t move anything until the insurance assessors have inspected the property. Thereafter, it is safe to remove important documents and items that you can carry, that are highly valuable. Residents are not allowed to remain on the premises while the fire damage contractors work as smoke and soot inhalation poses a serious health risk. The restoration crew will all wear protective gear while restoring the property. The next step is to find temporary accommodation and simply wait for the restoration process to be completed.

What Happens Behind the Scenes During Water & Fire Damage Services in Pompano Beach

There is much to be done during water and fire damage restoration. If your Pompano Beach, FL, home or property has suffered fire damage, the first step will be for the restoration contractors to assess the property and plan a clean-up strategy.  Before the clean-up begins, the roof is often covered in tarp and the windows are boarded up – if required.

First, all excess water must be removed. Specialized equipment and chemicals will be used to extract water from the carpets and upholstery and to eliminate the smoke and soot smell.  As carpeting will often become a host for mold after water damage, it is usually removed and replaced. However, this is only done once the flooring has dried thoroughly. The home needs to be professionally deodorized and the soot needs to be effectively cleaned away. Additional repairs such as those to ceilings, dry walls, furniture and other building components must also be carried out. The restoration team must assess the property and ensure that it is structurally sound before anyone is allowed to enter and make use of the property again.

Contact National Restoration Experts After Water & Fire Damage

Once your home has suffered a fire outbreak, it’s important to ensure that you only make use of service providers who are insurance approved. At National Restoration Experts, we are insurance approved and are meticulous about the fire damage restoration process.  Looking for a Florida restoration company in Pompano Beach, FL? Contact National Restoration Experts for more advice and an estimate today.

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