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Smoke Damage Cleaning

Why Smoke Damage Cleaning Is Important

National Restoration Experts helps homeowners and businesses with fire and smoke damage cleaning services in pompano beach.

If you’ve ever experienced a fire, you know that it can destroy personal property, structures, and so much more. Fire smoke can result in irreversible damage to furniture, fixtures, and items in your building. The flames move from object to object, burning almost everything at once. The heat from these flames eventually radiate, making the objects melt, crack, and, in the worst-case scenario, shatter. And once the fire is out, you are oftentimes left with smoke damage.

When smoke damage is left unresolved, it can be destructive for your home and its contents. Home fires are a homeowner’s worst nightmare and the situation could end up being worse than it initially appears. You may think that damage from a small fire will only be contained to one room, but it can cause smoke damage to the rest of your home’s contents. Even the smallest fire could destroy possessions that haven’t been burned, with invisible smoke damage. Not only that, it could also ruin the structure of your building, so cleaning up the smoke damage could go a long way when it comes to restoring your property.

smoke damage

Smoke is similar to acid, in that it can eat away at various items and materials when they are unattended for a long period of time. It is best to act fast to reduce any destruction caused by fire. You may want to opt for a professional smoke damage restoration expert to assist you in assessing any destruction or damage brought by the fire and to aid you in ensuring your safety in your home or building through the fire restoration process. We at National Restoration Experts can help remediate the effects of smoke damage through smoke odor removal.

What can be salvaged after smoke damage?

What is salvageable after a fire depends on the extent of the damage, as well as the type and quality of the items where the fire has occurred. It is also important to take into account the cost, since some materials will cost more to salvage than to replace. Bear in mind that a smoke damage expert can help you in determining the materials that can be cleaned, discarded or replaced. Smoke and soot, when gathered, can be a real detriment to your home and removing them is an integral part of the fire damage restoration process.

What are the effects of smoke to your home?

There are various effects of smoke, from health risks to the long term damage of materials in your home. The fire type and temperature can have a direct effect when it comes to the type of smoke damage to your home. One way smoke can affect your home is through seeping into the tiny cracks of the materials found in homes and buildings, given the fact that the particles are so small and fine. You may not detect these in time unless you smell the smoke.

What are the best ways to clean smoke damage?

If a fire has occurred, after putting it out, it is important for your home to be well ventilated to remove any smoke particles and prevent them from affecting other materials and items. You must get rid of all debris as soon as you can, while also cleaning surface areas where the devastation and destruction took place. Below are the materials and items which are most likely to be affected, and under every item are the ways on how to clean smoke damage.

Bedding and Clothing

Smoke can come into contact with bedding and clothing, especially when these are placed inside a closed cabinet, closet, or drawers. What you need to do in order to get rid of the smell of smoke is to wash them thoroughly, and multiple times in some cases. If the strong odor is still there, you may try to use commercial clothing detergents as needed. For delicate items, you can wash by hand using baking soda and warm soapy water.

Hardwood Floors

Smoke particles can make their way into hardwood floors easily because this type of floor is considered porous. Due to this, it would be better to refinish the floor or replace the floor, especially if the damage is extreme. However, if the damage only consists of light soot, mopping and cleaning using a spray detergent may be enough. 

Furniture and Fixtures

If smoke has gotten into any of your furniture or fixtures, you might find it hard to clean them up. Using the correct cleaning agent along with a rubber sponge is going to be your best bet. Some cleaning agents can cause rust when used on metal, so it is important to choose your materials wisely and check the label warnings.

Upholstery and Curtains

One great way to remove smoke smell from curtains, is to soak them in warm water and vinegar before washing them regularly, according to the manufacturer. However, for you to ensure your own safety, it is best to contact a professional, as they will know the exact tools to use to effectively clean those types of materials. 

Why Choose National Restoration Experts For Smoke Damage Cleanup?

It is important to act as swiftly as possible when it comes to cleaning materials that have been affected by smoke damage. The sooner the job gets done, the more likely you can prevent any further damage. Some materials might be cleaned easily, whereas others would take longer. It is important to take note of the composition of the materials in your home to make the cleaning process easier.

smoke damageIf you would like to mitigate the effects of a fire that has occurred at your home or directly get rid of the effects of smoke damage, it is best for you to call a professional. National Restoration Experts in Pompano Beach FL has the best response when it comes to prevention from the destructive effects of all types of smoke damage in your home. We are independently owned and operated and we will be there for you throughout the fire damage restoration process with our 24 7 emergency service. We know fire smoke is something to be taken very seriously, so we work around the clock to keep your house safe from the effects of fire damage, including smoke. We will even work with your insurance company to make the process go even smoother. Contact us now at (754) 219-4660 or visit our website at

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