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Tips for Keeping Your Smoke Detectors in Great Shape in Your Pompano Beach, FL,

Making sure that you keep up to date with the smoke detector maintenance in your home means that you are far less likely to need to call on the fire damage restoration services experts in Pompano Beach, FL. Smoke detectors need to stay in good condition considering that they could save your life! Here are our top tips for keeping them in the best possible working order and avoiding having to shell out the cash for fire damage restoration in the near future:

  • Change the Batteries Regularly 

It is recommended that you change your smoke detectors’ batteries at least once every year. Even if they seem to still be working just fine, it is worth changing them anyway – just to be safe!

  • Test the Smoke Detector 

The experts suggest testing your smoke detector on a monthly basis. Remember, if the batteries come loose, which they can do quite easily, the detector won’t activate in an emergency!

  • Give it a Good Clean 

Dust and dirt can accumulate in the detector over time, so be sure to give it a good clean every now and again. You can do so with a soft brush vacuum attachment or a damp toothbrush.

  • Be Aware of the Expiration Date 

Like most things in life, smoke detectors don’t last forever. Generally speaking, you can expect yours to function optimally for up to 10 years. However, after that, it may be time to start thinking about installing a new one. If the detector doesn’t come with an expiry date, just remember to take note of the month and year that it was originally fitted, and go according to that.

Unfortunately, sometimes, no matter how well your smoke detector is operating, fire damage can occur. The great news is that you can rely on National Restoration Experts for quality yet affordable water and fire damage restoration services in Pompano Beach, FL. For more information about our range of services, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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