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When you sign on the dotted line for a new home, you are signing on to what you dream for that space. You are, in a way, sealing the deal on investing in the memories you hope to create with your loved ones. After all, a home is a reflection of what you value. 

Any homeowner would agree that the kitchen is the heart of the home. For some, the kitchen becomes the hub of creativity for young children as they bake cookies, crumble play-dough and share an after-school snack. For others, the kitchen is where they enjoy a quiet cup of coffee and a serene space to practice a moment of mindfulness before starting the day. And we all love a good party, right? Any host knows that people gather around a delicious spread. There is nothing quite like a large island filled with charcuterie boards and desserts.




Pompano Beach Kitchen Remodeling
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As with any home project like kitchen planning and design, the timeline is a consideration. While you may be capable of completing and updating on your own, why spend your Saturdays demoing your space when you could be enjoying the beautiful Florida coast? Let our kitchen planning and design contract team do the labor so you can get to living.

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Maybe the home you just purchased has everything you loved but the style of the kitchen planning and design doesn’t suit your taste. Maybe the bones are good but the countertop color is off. Your “new to you home” might have Formica counters in the kitchen and you have your eyes on a beautiful white and gray Quartz. Or just maybe, you want to move towards a more open concept with a large island that includes a built-in sink. You’ve spent hours on Pinterest, you’ve saved links to DIY videos on YouTube, and are toying with the idea of taking the project on yourself. 

No matter the pace of your life or the level of your “do it yourself” skill, there is always value in approaching kitchen planning and design with intentionality. Take time to imagine what you want a weekend in your space to feel like and then take advantage of enlisting the help of one of our top-notch Kitchen Designers. They have an eye for trends but a mission to create what you see in your mind’s eye. Our team exists to help to make your hopes for your home become reality. In our 10+ years of experience in Palm Beach County and Broward County, we have worked with property owners to increase their investment value and with new homeowners to revitalize their space.

Pompano Beach Kitchen Remodeling

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Kitchen planning and design can include a complete top to bottom remodel of the space or simply a countertop update. Our contractors understand budgeting is integral to any home restoration and work diligently to give an excellent result for a good price. Flooring, countertops, and cabinets come in a wide variety and price points, let us partner with you to find the right product. We stand by our A+ Better Business Bureau rating and take pride in how we serve our customers.

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