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“Does Vinegar Kill Mold? Does Bleach Kill Mold?”

–Your Florida Water Damage Repair Company Provides Answers to These Common Questions

When you are viewing the fallout from a flood, such as water damaged plaster and mold growth indoors, you might seek quick solutions. Professional mold remediation may be needed if your home is invaded by mold in many places. However, in an environment where mold has not spread profusely, you can apply a basic technique yourself.

DIY Mold Removal Using Bleach or Vinegar

You might read or hear about a variety of methods utilized to get rid of mold. Two of the most common solutions that people use are bleach and vinegar. If you are considering either of these options, take a look at the following points:

  1. Bleach: This is not the best choice for combating mold. Bleach may kill spores on surfaces, but it cannot remove the membrane that exists below those spores. Eventually, the mold will probably start growing again.
  2. Vinegar: The acid in white vinegar is actually known to kill over 80 species of mold. First, scrub the affected area with a brush and soapy water. This will help to break up the spores. Once you remove as much as you can that way, allow the area to dry up. Then, spray vinegar to remove the remaining mold, and let it sit for about an hour. After that, scrub the vinegar and spores away with warm water and a brush.
  3. Ventilation: Whether you choose to apply bleach to kill surface spores (which will not resolve the problem entirely) or vinegar to eradicate the mold completely, remember to ensure that the area is well ventilated. Open nearby windows, and run a fan if you have one. Fresh air and sunlight will help to keep the environment dry and discourage further mold growth.

Florida Water Damage Repair and Mold Removal

Be sure that when you are removing mold, you always wear protective gloves, safety glasses or goggles, and a mask over your mouth and nose. You must avoid inhalation and other exposure to the spores as much as possible.

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