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How to remove mold safely from your home

Mold can cause a number of illnesses and allergies. Mold in a building poses a serious health risk for the occupants of a building. If there is mold in your home on your property, then investing in mold removal services is a must.

The source of the mold needs to be removed for the long term, sustainable solution. The source, which is often water, needs to be found and fixed or else the mold will re-occur. The mold removal process that will be needed depends on the extent of the area affected, the level of contamination as well as the type of building.

Precaution steps to removing mold 

Precautionary steps need to be taken when removing mold because the disruption of mold can lead to harmful mold spores being released into the air. To protect yourself as well as the occupants of the building, use plastic to enclose the area. Turn of any HVAC, air conditioning, furnace or ventilation systems. Use a face mask and gloves (which you should put into a plastic bag before you throw away).

If the affected area is small, you can wash the surface area with normal household detergent. If the mold has penetrated your drywall, then you may have to replace the area of drywall that has been affected. Remember that even if you have cleaned the mold, the source still needs to be corrected or else the mold will re-occur.

Removing mold from furniture 

Mold doesn’t necessarily occur on the furniture in a room if there is mold on the wall. Check furniture that is placed against a wall where there is mold. Most types of furniture can be cleaned with detergent and water (and soft furnishings and pillows can be put into a washing machine to remove mold). Soft furnishings that can’t be put into a washing machine, such as a mattress, should rather be discarded and replaced.

Who removes mold from homes 

Mold removal experts have the right detergents and equipment to permanently remove mold from your home. They are also experienced at identifying the source of the mold to rectify the issue before it becomes a problem again. If you need professional mold remover specialists, then contact National Restoration Experts today.

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