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Keeping Your Home Clean and Sanitary with Vinegar and Other Pantry Items

There are several household products that you can use to keep your home clean and sanitary. Items from your pantry that are handy, cheap, safe to use and easy to dispose of are the best options for DIY cleaning.

5 Pantry Items to Keep Your Home Clean and Sanitary

  1. Vinegar – Vinegar is a versatile product that can be used to clean all rooms. You can remove plaque from the sink, get rid of mold in the kitchen, bathrooms, crawl space, or any surface where you spot mold infestation.
  2. Baking Soda – The abrasive feature of baking soda makes it effective for cleaning the oven, dishes, taps and exposed pipes. It also works wonderfully as a carpet cleaner.
  3. Lemon – A good disinfectant, lemon can help you remove grease and stains from bathroom tiles and fixtures. You can also use it in the kitchen to clean the chopping board, remove odors and lime scales inside appliances. The citrusy fragrance helps remove strong fish and meat odors as well. Simply rub lemon on the surface.
  4. Salt – Salt is the cheapest, most easily accessible cleaning product. Apply it on kitchen and bathroom ware to remove stains and make them sparkle. Sprinkle your wool rug with salt and water and vacuum clean after half an hour to remove odor and dust.
  5. Club Soda – Don’t worry if someone spills wine on your carpet! Simply pour a little club soda immediately to soak up the stain and wipe clean with a paper towel. You can also use it to buff out streaks on stainless steel and porcelain sinks.

It is a good idea to clean your home regularly to keep it sanitary. However, home maintenance does not stop with DIY cleaning alone. It needs regular inspection to identify leaks, cracks, moisture seepage and mold infestation. If you notice an extensive mold infestation, get professional help immediately.

National Restoration Experts offers an array of services to take care of all your home maintenance needs. If you need help to fix a crack in the walls, replace a leaking pipe, or take care of mold infestation, we are here to serve you.

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