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Professional Mold Removal Mold Removal Companies in Boca Raton, FL

Mold doesn’t receive enough attention, especially when you discover how badly it can affect your health! Mold removal companies in Boca Raton, FL, have had their work cut out for them over the past few years. And not because mold remediation is impossible, but because:

  • People follow the incorrect process to remove mold, and/or
  • People don’t have a prevention plan in place to start with.

When it comes to mold removal and the prevention of mold growth, things need to be done right from the very first time around if you want the results to be lasting. It’s important to realize that a DIY home mold removal project might not target the actual problem. Mold that is visible is usually not the only mold around. In fact, often it grows behind walls, under carpets and in many other hidden nooks and crannies. And let’s not forget about airborne spores. Mold is no easy task to control. You might wipe over a moldy wall with bleach and think the problem is taken care of. But think again! Mold is far more complex to combat! And so, the very first step you take should be to hire a professional mold removal company to ensure that all the mold is eliminated.

Professional Mold Removal Process in Boca Raton, FL

A professional mold removing company in Boca Raton, whether they are roof mold removal contractors or whether they are home interior mold contractors, will all follow a similar process.  Here is what to expect to happen when the mold removal company arrives at your home:

  • Biocide is sprayed over the mold infected areas to kill the mold and spores. Once it is sprayed, some time must be set aside to allow the Biocide to work.
  • The same area is sprayed down the next day with an encapsulation agent to contain the remaining mold spores and to ensure that no new mold grows in the area.
  • The home can now be cleaned, and damp problems fixed, so that mold is not a problem in the future again. Often this means locating and repairing leaks, removing old carpeting and upholstery or damp sealing walls. 

At National Restoration Experts, we have extensive experience in mold removal and remediation in the Boca Raton, FL, area. For more information and advice, simply contact us via email or telephone at National Restoration Experts today.


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