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Butterfly World

Butterflies have delighted people young and old for centuries, and it’s no wonder why with their beautiful markings and dramatic wings. Always found perched on a lovely flower or floating through the sky on a temperate spring day, they bring joy to anyone who sees them.
Visitors to Fort Lauderdale hoping for an enchanting butterfly encounter should plan to visit Butterfly World, the oldest and largest butterfly park in the United States, where thousands of butterflies fly freely among lush native plants every day.
Butterfly World is located on the south side of Tradewinds Park, a Broward County Park in Coconut Creek, ten miles north of Ft. Lauderdale, and opened in 1988. Over its thirty-year history, Butterfly World has expanded to include six butterfly aviaries spanning over three acres, as well as botanical gardens and two aviaries that are home to native and tropical birds and plants. There is also an exciting Lorikeet Encounter where guests can hand-feed these stunning, friendly birds, and guests may also visit the museum and insectarium to learn more about butterflies and other insects.
Butterfly World keeps a minimum of 20,000 butterflies on display at any given time, and because of Fort Lauderdale’s tropical climate and lack of dramatic temperature shifts from season to season, this number rarely fluctuates. Throughout the year, there are over 150 species on display, with at least 50 species in any given season. Visit on a warm, sunny day to see beautiful butterflies flying all around you, or visit on a cooler day if your aim is to get tons of great photos of butterflies at rest.
Butterfly World is also home to a world-class butterfly research center, and be sure to check out the grand plaza, where events and workshops are frequently held. Stop by the gift shop and garden center on the way out to pick up some butterfly-friendly plants for your garden, or even bring home some butterfly chrysalises ready to hatch soon!

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