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Crystal Lakes Sand Pine Scrub

Nature Time at Crystal Lakes Sand Pine Scrub

Just because it is winter does not mean you can’t take advantage of all that Pompano Beach has to offer. In 2002, Crystal Lake Sand Pine Scrub opened its gates to Pompano Beach locals and visitors. Accessible all year round, the gates do get closed at 9 pm; therefore, if you plan a hike, make sure to factor your time accordingly.

If you are local or a tourist, one must-see attraction is Crystal Lakes Sand Pine Scrub. 

Where is Crystal Lakes Sand Pine Scrub? 

Crystal Lake Sand Pine Scrub is located on the East of I-95 on Pompano Beach. There are a total of 24 spacious acres of nature trails. 

There is ample parking for the nature lover. The trails are a combination of paved and not paved, and they are maintained by the Broward Country. 

Activities at Crystal Lake Sand Pine Scrub

Locals and tourists who enjoy nature know that there is one place at Pompano that offers nature at its finest. The Crystal Lake Sand Pines Scrub provides an array of Mother Nature, which includes everything from powderpuff lichen, northern mockingbirds, cardinals, warblers, tortoise, and a variety of native butterflies. 

Not too sure where to start given the vastness? 

At Crystal Lake Sand Pine Scrub, there are information kiosks as well as interpretive signs, and designated trails for all walking and hiking levels. 

Walking not of interest to you? Don’t worry, you can bring your bike and go through the trails. 

Are you in need of an accessible, friendly walkway? The park is wheelchair and stroller friendly too! 

Given the 24 acres of nature to explore, the most common trail is the Gray Fox Trail, allowing walkers to get a glimpse of nature in the city. 

When visiting Crystal Lake Sand Pine Scrub, something to keep in mind is that it is unfortunately not open to pets. Therefore, while you may want to bring your furry friend, keep them home. As well, there are covered shelters should you find yourself caught in rainfall; however, there are no public washroom facilities along the trail.

More to See and Do

If Crystal Lake Sand Pines Scrub isn’t enough, there is the Military Trail, Highland Scrubs, as well as the Tivoli Sand Pines. These natural wonders of Pompano Beach are great as a family outing or as a team bonding activity. 

Look no further for all your fresh air and nature needs than Crystal Lake Sand Pine Scrub in Florida. With this natural habitat home to the rare sand pine scrub, take advantage of exploring Crystal Lake Sand Pines today. 

Still on the hunt for more nature activity? There is the Butterfly Exhibit, as well as the Fern Forest Nature Center and Hillsboro Pineland Natural Area, all of which are within access from Crystal Lake Sand Pine Scrub. 

Nature in the City

Pompano Beach is a bustling city; however, Crystal Lake Sand Pines Scrub offers locals and tourists a chance to enjoy the green landscape of Mother Nature.

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