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Flamingo Gardens

Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Flamingo Gardens is a 60-acre botanical garden and Everglades wildlife sanctuary. The botanical garden was established in 1927, making it one of the oldest of its kind. It houses over 3000 species of rare and exotic native plants and trees. In addition to this, the wildlife sanctuary is home to the largest collection of Florida native wildlife, including alligators, eagles, otters, panthers, peacocks, and as the name suggests, flamingos.

Visitors of wildlife sanctuary can choose to walk through the 25,000 square feet Everglades free-flight facility, which is home to one of the largest groups of wading birds in the United States. The sanctuary also has a black bear, panther, and otter habitat, as well as a parrot aviary.

On the other hand, the botanical gardens are often seen as the last natural jungle growth in South Florida. Here, you can find 18 champion trees, which are the largest trees of their species. Visitors interested in the garden should be sure to check out the 54 feet champion cluster fig, which is the largest tree in Florida.

If you do come with children, there is a garden behind the main gallery, which has been designed for kids. The children can touch and smell the plants in this garden and there are also signs which explain how beneficial the plants are to humans and the ecosystem.

Florida Gardens also has a small museum which had been the weekend home of the founders of the garden, Floyd and James Wray. The Wray Home was built in 1933 and it is the oldest residence in Broward County west of University Drive. Admission to the museum is free upon entry to Flamingo Gardens so be sure to check it out.

If you do choose to visit Flamingo Gardens and do not wish to walk through the lush path on the grounds, there is also a narrated tram tour available. There are also several cafes and shops where you can stop for refreshments or purchase items.

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