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Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse

The Hillsboro Lighthouse possesses two characteristics that we all like in Florida lighthouses: a fascinating history and a breathtaking view.

However, visiting this lovely location, which is one of Broward County’s oldest structures, requires some planning.

It is open for tourists just a few times a year and is only accessible by boat.

Admission is $35 per person, which, while I think a lot, is well worth it if you want to spend the entire day at this wonderful location. (You may as well join the Hillsboro Lighthouse Preservation Society, as individual membership dues are $35 and include free tours. Dues for families of four are $50.)

Several Tips For Visiting The Hillsboro Lighthouse

  • If you wish to climb the Hillsboro Lighthouse (and you should! ), please refrain from wearing flip flops since they are not permitted. Additionally, minors under the age of 12 must be 48 inches tall and accompanied by an adult.
  • Bring a picnic lunch and make a day of it.
  • Additionally, you can bring beach chairs and a beach towel to ensure your comfort. (There are seats and a gazebo on the property.)
  • The non-profit organization sells water but does not provide meals.
  • If you kayak to the lighthouse on an open day, the entry charge is still required. Additionally, private boats are not permitted to use the dock.

For a long time, the Hillsboro Lighthouse was inaccessible. The issue is that the property necessary to approach the lighthouse is owned by a private club.

However, the United States Coast Guard authorized a timetable a few years ago that allows the volunteer preservation group to provide tours many times a year, but only if guests arrive by boat.

As it turns out, this transforms the Florida lighthouse tour into an enjoyable (though pricey) day trip.

Because the majority of boats depart from Sands Harbor Marina, we recommend stopping at the cheery tiki and pool bar Sands Harbor Bar & Grill for a sandwich or beverage.

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