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Hillsboro Inlet

Explore the Hillsboro Inlet at Pompano Beach, Florida

Do you enjoy being outdoors and taking in the sites? Are you an avid water activity fan on things such as fishing, jet-skiing, or boating? 

Look no further than the Hillsboro Inlet at Pompano Beach, Florida, a popular destination for tourists and locals.

Where is Hillsboro Inlet

Many tourists are not aware that the Hillsboro Inlet connects the Atlantic with the Intercoastal Waterway. For this reason, one of the main attractions at the Hillsboro Inlet is the lighthouse used to help navigate ships of all sizes in and out of the inlet. 

The Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse was first used in 1907 and can be seen 28 miles from the sea, making it still an active lighthouse.

Historic Hillsboro Inlet

Since the 1800’s the Hillsboro Inlet has been an active and essential waterway for boats that require connecting to the Atlantic Ocean. During this time, it was perceived that the Atlantic Ocean was treacherous for navigating; however, thanks to the lighthouse, boats are able to navigate safely.

Since then, the Hillsboro Inlet has been home to a growing community, featuring nearly 50 single-family homes. Alongside the homes, there is an increasing number of condominiums that house both locals and seasonal residents. To date, there are approximately 2,000 residents that call the Hillsboro Inlet home.

What to Do at Hillsboro Inlet

Once you have taken in the natural and stunning wonder of the inlet, which has welcome boats domestically and internationally, there are plenty of fun activities to do. 

A few tourists and local attractions that are must-sees near Hillsboro Inlet include: 

Xtreme Action Park – If you are a fan of bowling, go-karting, or arcade games, consider Extreme Action Park. There is also an activity center that is suitable for all ages, young and old. 

Everglades Holiday Park – For the animal lover visiting Hillsboro Inlet, Everglades Holiday Park is a great family activity. Participate in boat tours through the Everglades at Hillsboro. If you are lucky, the tour may feature an alligator or an exotic animal in their habitat. 

Butterfly World: Are you looking for a slow-paced and everyday activity? Not far from the Hillsboro Inlet is Butterfly World, which features a botanical garden and museum. Fans of the winged creature or of flowers can be sure to enjoy walking through the Butterfly World exhibit, which features nearly 20,000 types of butterflies. 

Quiet Waters Park – Looking for something that is sure to keep the family occupied? Why not pack up their swimwear and take them to the Quiet Waters Park. This family-friendly water park has ample slides and water pads that everyone can enjoy. 

There are still plenty of attractions that do not require admission to, such as the marina where boat owners can go to freely explore the waters of the inlet. 

Local or not, there is always something to do in and around the Hillsboro Inlet. From Hillsboro’s natural attractions to the historic landmarks, the Hillsboro Inlet is an excellent epicenter for fun at all ages. 

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