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Pompano Beach Historical Society and Kester Museums

Pompano Beach Historical Society and Kester Museums: Why Go

The Pompano Beach Historical Society is there to preserve all of Pompano’s history. Many of the residents want to maintain it so that everyone knows what happened and why. It is the society’s mission to collect, publicize, and preserve the history of the area. To do that, it focuses on archiving all historical images and documents.

There are also various lectures and public programs that the society creates to inform others. Often, money is needed to do all of this, so there’s also a Saturday Green Market, where people can shop and donate money to a good cause while they do it. If that weren’t enough, people can also use a special code on Amazon to donate.

Ultimately, the goal is to advocate to preserve historical buildings and sites, collaborate with other organizations that want to do the same, and allow everyone to enjoy Pompano Beach’s history. 

Kester Cottages and Museum

The Kester Cottages are a huge part of the history of Pompano Beach and were built in the 1930s along the beach road by William Kester. He originally came to the area in 1923 for fishing, but he ended up staying and investing a lot in the community.

Kester had the cottages built so that the local people could have employment. Plus, they were also designed to attract more tourists to the area. These sturdy and economical cottages were built throughout the Pompano Beach area to house winter visitors and local residents. At one time, there were over 150 of them. Many of the cottages were small, but some had three bedrooms. All were painted white with shutters featuring the four suits in a typical deck of cards.

Many of these cottages have been bulldozed down, so there aren’t many of them left. However, the Pompano Beach Historical Society did have two of them donated by Steward, Kester’s nephew. They ended up getting moved from their original locations to where they are now. Plus, they’re museums that anyone can tour while they’re in the area. 

The west cottage looks like it might have back in Kester’s time, but the east one displays artifacts from life in Pompano, such as farm equipment, the home front, school memorabilia, and military items. You can also find preserved items from a pharmacy, print shop, and lumber yard.

How to See Them

If you’re not planning a trip to Pompano Beach, FL, anytime soon, you can still see the Kester Cottages. There is a virtual or video tour available, and it’s all in 3-D. However, when your next visit to Pompano Beach comes up, consider taking a day and going to the Pompano Beach Historical Society. You’re going to find many exciting things and can schedule a live tour of the Kester Museums.


If you don’t live in the area, you may wonder why you should support Pompano Beach Historical Society. When you visit the Kester Museums, you get to see interesting things and learn about a new culture. Ultimately, you are supporting the organization. Even if you do live in Pompano Beach, you can learn about the history of the area, take pride in it, and still enjoy the sights.

Are you ready to wind down from a day at the beach and take in a gorgeous sunset? Take a walk on The Pompano Beach Pier.

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