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Pompano Beach Water Taxi

Pompano Beach Water Taxi

Pompano Beach is a city located in Broward County, Florida, and is situated alongside the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, which is just north of Fort Lauderdale. Pompano Beach is known for its historical downtown and epic ocean views. However, viewing Pompano Beach’s city is seen to be more spectacular from the ocean, which is why the Pompano Beach Water Taxi is such a popular form of transportation in the area. 

Travel in Style on the Pompano Beach Water Taxi 

If you’re in the Pompano Beach area, you’re going to want to discover the best way to ride with the Pompano Beach Water Taxi. The town of Pompano Beach is equipped with effective waterway infrastructure that offers convenient stops at shops, restaurants, the Hillsboro lighthouse, and beaches. This makes traveling by the Pompano Beach Water Taxi the best form of transport in the city when wanting to get around in a timely and stylish fashion. 

The Venice outside of Italy

You don’t need to go to Italy, or even Europe, to experience the stunning waterways. Pompano Beach, conveniently located in Florida, US, offers astonishing water channels that provide a great travel experience. Not to mention, the area of Pompano Beach has grown. Over the years with many residential and commercial developments, which have made traffic somewhat unbearable. 

Thus, you’re provided with the ability to beat the traffic and get some fresh sea air in your lungs when using the Pompano Beach Water Taxi. What’s better than gliding across the Atlantic Ocean and passing by immaculate sights, such as lively restaurants, historical buildings, and million-dollar mansions? 

Who Should Use the Pompano Beach Water Taxi? 

Making use of the Pompano Beach Water Taxi is a great transportation option for both visitors and locals of the city. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling for a wedding party, as a big traveling group, corporate team building, or a simple night out in the city. The Pompano Water Taxi is bound to get you there in style. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How far North and South can you travel with the Pompano Beach Water Taxi? 

You can use the Pompano Beach Water Taxi to travel as far South as the area of Oakland Park. The stop is placed next to the Bokampers Bar and Restaurant. In addition to this, you can travel as far North as the area where the Lighthouse Point Marina is located. This stop is located nearby Nauti Dawg Café and Cap’s Place. 

What’s the price to use the Pompano Water Taxi? 

The ticket prices are a once-off fixed price that is valid for the entire day. You can use this ticket to get on and off the taxi as many times as you wish. 

How long is the waiting period from one boat to the next? 

These boat taxis work on a fixed schedule that runs every two hours. This is how long you can expect to wait if you wait for another boat after immediately getting off at a stop. 

How long is the entire taxi route if we don’t get off the boat? 

The entire boat trip is four hours. However, the time it takes for the boat to finish its route depends on the stop you get on the boat taxi. 

Are you searching for a staycation, date night, or a family outing for the day? Visit Pompano Community Park.

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