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How To Prevent Water Damage To Your Home’s Foundation

Owning a home in Margate, FL, is a dream-come-true for residents around here. However, it comes with monumental responsibilities, and that includes protecting your investment against water damage during the hurricane season.  If you are a homeowner in the area, you need to prepare for the hurricane season starting June through to November. Your home’s foundation suffers the elements throughout the hurricane season, and this is one area you need to focus on when implementing preventive measures.

The following are some tips to prevent damage to your home’s foundation, thus, saving you the cost of water damage restoration.

  • Inspect and Repair the Drainage 

One of the major causes of damage to the foundation during flooding is a malfunctioning drainage system. When clogged and damaged pipes burst under the pressure of flood water, they direct water to the foundation walls causing serious damage. You should call in a highly qualified water damage repairs team in Margate, FL. They will be able to inspect and repair your drainage to avoid such damage.

  • Landscape Preparation 

A poorly laid landscape will direct surface water to the foundation walls leading to structural damage. You should work on the grading to ensure water doesn’t collect near the foundation walls. A landscaping expert can also help you correct the grading.

  • Foundation Repair 

A damaged foundation is prone to further water damage thus compromising the integrity of the entire structure. It is advisable to call in a foundation expert in Margate, FL, to inspect your home’s foundation and to repair any damage including cracks and other structural weaknesses.

  • Roof Inspection Repairs 

A poorly laid roof and the gutter system can instigate your home’s foundation damage during floods.  Call in an expert in roof repairs in the area and ensure there are no problems with the roof, gutter, and downspouts.

  • Sump Pump Installation 

A sump pump is a great hurricane protection technique. The appliance keeps water away from the basement floor and your foundation.

Well, only an expert can help with these preventive measures, and our team at National Restoration Experts is ready to help you. We are the go-to flood damage prevention experts in Margate, FL. For more information contact us today.

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