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Preventing an HVAC Water Leak in Your Home

From Water Damaged Plaster to Costly Cleanups

Your home’s HVAC system poses one threat that you might not have thought of: water damage. When an HVAC unit is not properly maintained, it can lead water to your crawlspace or your home, especially when the drain line is clogged, or coils freeze over. Luckily, there are ways to prevent an HVAC leak, which means fewer chances to worry about the cleanup and restoration afterward.

3 Tips for Preventing an HVAC Water Leak

HVAC leaks are sneaky. They will start out slow at first, which means you will not realize you have a leak. Eventually, you might see signs of mold growing around your HVAC unit, water damaged plaster on the walls or soaked carpeting. By then, the damage is already extensive.

To avoid being caught off-guard, here is how you can keep your HVAC system worry-free:

  1. Change Your HVAC Filter: A clogged filter prevents your system from freezing over and defrosting, which is the primary cause of water leaks.
  2. Maintain the Drain Lines: A clogged condensation drain line allows water to back up and fill your crawlspace or exterior – which in turn leads to water damage. Check the drain line opening and make sure you have water flowing. Then, flush the drain line with an algae inhibitor twice per year. Also, check the pipeline to ensure it is correctly installed and not out of alignment; otherwise, you could have a backup.
  3. Have Your System Inspected: Once a year your HVAC needs an inspection from a trained professional to ensure you have no clogs or coil issues leading to a backup.

When you have water damaged plaster, turn to the professionals at National Restoration Experts. We offer water restoration and remediation of mold along with repairs to water damaged plaster. Contact us now or call us at 1-800-556-3472.

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