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Preventive Measures Against Tree and Water Damage In Parkland, FL

Parkland, FL, is one of the most beautiful places in which to own a home in the state. However, like with most areas on the coast, you have to contend with hurricanes starting from June, which can cause structural damage to your beautiful home.  Tree and water damage not only cause property damage but also injuries and fatalities to those seeking protection inside these structures.

Now that the hurricane season is just around the corner, you need to protect your home against tree and water damage.  It is important to implement preventive measures before the hurricane season to avoid costly  tree and water damage repairs in Parkland, FL, both during and after the hurricane season. Below are some tips to prevent tree and water damage:

Work on the Roof and Gutters 

To ensure a smooth flow of water from the roof, make sure you do the following:

  • Carry out an inspection,
  • Check the condition of the roof,
  • Unclog the gutters, and
  • Ensure the downspouts are free of debris.

Roof water should be able to flow freely from the roof and away from the structure to prevent ceiling leaks and foundation damage.

Repair the Drainage Systems 

A professional inspection by a certified expert in the Parkland area will identify any problems with the surface drainage.  The expert will also carry out necessary repairs to avoid water flooding and damage.

Guard the Doors/Windows 

Entry points like doors, windows, and garage gates are weak points and require protection during storms. Use storm protection materials to cover windows and doors to avoid breaking and shattering. Impact-resistant windows are also a great option – but costly.

Carry Out Tree Management 

While large beautiful trees give life to your property, you need to manage them by trimming or even cutting them down before the hurricane season. Such trees can cause damage to your property and also to your neighbor’s properties leading to legal issues.

Foundation Waterproofing 

Use the best waterproofing technologies to prevent water from entering into your home’s basement. It also protects your home’s foundation and reduces the cost of water damage restoration.

To implement these preventive measures against tree and water damage, you need to work with a highly experienced contractor. Our team at National Restoration Experts has been offering excellent tree and water damage repairs in Parkland, FL, for over 17 years. For more information, contact us today and protect your home.

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