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Steps You Can Take For Water Remediation Of Hardwood Flooring

If you have wooden floors in your home or business, flooding can be especially devastating. Wood is especially prone to absorbing water because of its porousness, so it doesn’t take long for water damage on wooden floors to become irreparable. Quick action is important in these situations.  You’ll most likely need to hire a company that specializes in water damage restoration such as National Restoration Experts in Pompano Beach, FL. You need to look for water remediation companies so you can perform water remediation for flooring as soon as possible after flooding has occurred in your building.

The water damage restoration process is important because it’s the only way to not only repair the water damage, but to also prevent further water damage from affecting your home or business. Water remediation can also help with preventing mold growth through mold remediation. Tackling the problem early on will give you a better chance of restoring your floor to the state it was before the flooding took place. Although you can perform some restoration water damage steps on your own, it’s best to hire the professional services of a water and fire damage restoration company.

What is Water Remediation?

Water remediation is the process of removing all the standing water and moisture from a flooded area of a building and then repairing the water damage. Not only is this necessary to begin the drying process and prevent structural damage, but it can also prevent the mold growth that can lead to toxic spores in the air.  This is an integral part of the restoration for the water damage process. There are a few steps that have to happen before water remediation takes place. This process is called water extraction and follows these steps: 

  • All standing water is removed from the area using industrial vacuums and pumps.
  • Moisture detectors and hydrometers are used to measure just how high the moisture saturation is.
  • Infrared cameras may be used to detect hidden water in walls and ceilings.
  • The floor is properly cleaned and disinfected in order to complete water remediation.

All these precautions are to make sure absolutely no water is left behind and that restoration from water damage is complete. This includes the water that may have seeped into the cracks of a building. Water remediation is important when it comes to floors because the water can seep through the flooring into the subfloor beneath, at which it can become harder to completely repair the water damage. Water remediation is also important because it involves mold remediation which can prevent mold growth and the release of toxic spores into the air.

What You Need to Know Before Performing Water Remediation

Before you can start the water remediation process, you need to consider a few factors. It’s extremely important that the water damage restoration process is done properly in an emergency situation. A job that involves restoration of water damage can be both lengthy and costly. So it’s best to make sure the restoration of water damage is done right the first time so you won’t have to worry about further water damage in the future. Here are some factors to consider before you start the process of restoration in a situation that involves water damage.

Get The Proper Gear

You need to acquire the proper tools and supplies before you start a water remediation job.  Water damage restoration shouldn’t begin until safety measures are achieved by acquiring the proper equipment. This can include equipment such as:

  • Shop vacuum
  • Squeegee
  • Stiff Brush
  • Disinfectant cleaning solution
  • Bucket
  • Rubber gloves
  • Absorbent towels

Having this equipment is important because standing water can be contaminated with diseases and even after the water is drained; mold growth can lead to toxic spores filling the air in the area affected by water damage. Having all this equipment will ensure that the water remediation process is done as safely and effectively as possible.

Take the Proper Steps

There are certain instructions you need to follow to properly clean a water damaged floor. The water damage restoration process needs to be done quickly in order to protect the subfloor and prevent the water damage from causing permanent structural damage to the building. The steps are as follows:

  • Get rid of all surface water: Use a vacuum on wet mode to remove any and all surface water that you can.
  • Clean the floor: Use your disinfectant solution of choice to mop the floor. The floor should then be completely scrubbed including any wooden areas around the floor.
  • Get rid of mold: Use a proper disinfectant to completely get rid of any mold you see growing on the floor.
  • Completely dry the floor: You want to dry the floor slowly through the use of fans. Open any doors or windows to help with the ventilation in the room.

Although you may have to remove and replace the hardwood floor if the water damage is too severe; taking these steps can give you a fighting chance when it comes to performing complete restoration of water damage.

Call a Professional Water Remediation Company

Are you searching for “water remediation near me”? All of these steps can be overwhelming when you’re trying to tackle the water damage task by yourself. National Restoration Experts is a professional water remediation company that offers water damage and fire damage restoration services to Pompano Beach, FL. We are a company that specializes in emergency restoration for fire damage, storm damage, and water damage restoration that’s guaranteed to completely remove all water from a home to avoid the further effects of water damage. We’ve served the community for years with our fast and professional restoration service and we have the expertise necessary to help salvage flooded floors from deep-seated water damage. Whenever disaster strikes and water has made its way into your home, you can visit our website to learn about our restoration  of  water damage services or contact National Restoration Experts at (754) 219-4660.

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